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TOURIST AGENCY "TARA-TEAR OF EUROPE" The tourist agency Tara – Suza Evrope, situated in the very heart of Žabljak ( building "Razvršje")offers a wide range of services which give you the opportunity to experience the beauty of the untamed nature of Durmitor Mountain and the picturesque Tara River Canyon in a unique and unforgettable way.

Our agency offers: Tara River Rafting, Jeep Tours, Rent A Car, Accommodation, Towing Service, Vehicle Purchase Contract, Property For Sale (land, flats and investment property).

Adrenaline and positive vibrations

The Tara River forms one of Europe's most attractive rivers and is an ideal place for adventure lovers. It flows through two countries - Montenegro and BiH, and the best part for rafting is the initial 25 km of the river. Today is rafting on Tara one of the most popular sports in this part of the world.

Get contact with nature

Any answer you choose, you will not go wrong. Rafting is all this and much more that you will incorporate into your personal experience of this experience. For inexperienced swimmers, rafting is a huge challenge and a personal victory fear of fast water. For photo enthusiasts, rafting is an opportunity to zabiljeleže unforgettable scenes of natural beauty from a completely atypical perspective. For people who spend many hours in the office, rafting is sobering primordial contact with nature and a kind of regeneration of all the senses.

What is rafting?

Rafting is a phenomenal time on the river, or the compound of adrenaline and excitement, adventure, positive energy, unity and friendship, all of which contributes to the unforgettable experience of nature. Rafting is the English term that can most closely be translated as "wild water rafting". Rafting the kind of sport activities that are commonly performed on the river, wherein a select group of people, which can count from 4 to 10 members, a rubber boat descends down the chute in order to recreation, entertainment or socializing. Rafting is a challenging adventure that is one of the extreme sports, and that uniquely combines relaxation, tranquility and enjoyment of unspoiled nature and adrenaline charge that drives the whole body.

Ostojić Company


“Ostojić Company” is organizing one-day and two-days rafting routs on the Tara river-Tear of Europe. The beauty of this river, along with its waterfalls and the great canyon will leave you breathless. This adventure will make you feel like a part of the wild, untouched nature.

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Our 3 lines


Kratka tura raftinga od Drugog Logora, (koji se nalazi 3 km od velikog mosta na Tari) do Žugica Luke u dužini od 12 km traje od 2 do dva i po sata kosta 50€ bez ručka ili 55€ sa ručkom.


Duža tura raftinga je 30 km polazi takođe od Drugog Logora i završava se u Radovan Luci, traje oko 5 do 6 sati,sa lunch paketom nalazi se takođe u NP Durmitor.


Treća tura je od Drugog Logora do Šćepan Polja u dužini od 76km u trajanju od dva dana, sa noćenjem u kanjonu i svim obrocima u toku dva dana. 


Dragi, imala sam tu privilegiju da posetim ovaj raj... Sve pohvale od strane ekipe, adrenalin, toplina, uživanje... I sledeće godine, ali u mnogo većem broju ❤️.

Vesna Marković

Predivna avantura, divni domaćini... To je bio moj prvi rafting i zahvaljujem se divnim domaćinima, ovo je na mojoj to-do listi za svaku godinu. Izuzetni profesionalci, osećao sam se bezbedno na reci. Nikada vam ne može biti dosadno, potpuno uživanje!

Dragan Živković

Fantastično!!! Zavidim u potpunosti ljudima koji rade ovaj posao. Potpuno uživanje, raditi posao koji voliš, biti veseo. Priroda i ljubazni domaćini su me kupili za sva vremena.

Marko Petrović

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